Our Story

Founded in years 2000, CV. Multi Dimensi has become the biggest & the best seashell handicrafts manufacturer in Indonesia.

Multi Dimensi particularly produces home decorations, such as lighting product, mirror frame, photo frame, vases, tableware, furniture, etc made of seashells. Here we transform the waste of seashells gathered from the beaches from all over Indonesia into beautiful and luxurious products people never expected before.

With hundreds of our expert artisans in our 32.000 square meters land of our factory & office, we crafted the products with love and passions. With more than 3000 collections of item, Multi Dimensi has exported to more than 25 destination countries, some of them are USA, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, Colombia, etc. And also more than 50 projects of Hotel, Villa, Restaurant or residential around the globe that we have supplied.

Our spirit is to meet your demands, finish the works beautifully on time.

Our Workshop

In Multi Dimensi, we produce the goods carefully & detailly handmade by our expert artisans. They dedicat their love and passions to create our lovely pieces to meet customers satisfaction.